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A complete dental exam covers all areas of your oral health from the condition of your teeth to your gums and also checking for signs of oral cancer. Our Brentwood dental exams are thorough and include x-rays as well as a professional cleaning. Maintaining a healthy mouth now and in the future is served by twice yearly visits to our dental office. Any issues or problems can be identified quickly and treated before they become bigger concerns. Positive outcomes, whether we’re talking about tooth decay, gum disease, or oral cancer, are much more likely when diagnoses are made early.

Beginning with your teeth, a physical and visual checkup will reveal if you have any loose teeth, loose fillings, or other issues that can be found with the naked eye. X-rays are essential, however, because they can show even the smallest cavities and allow us to fill them before tooth decay can erode your precious tooth enamel any further. Large cavities and deeper fillings are linked with greater chance of infections in the pulp of your teeth, root canal therapy, and even the need to have a tooth removed. But our Brentwood dental exams are designed to avoid those complications completely.

Your gums are just as important as your teeth, because without the strong foundation they supply, even perfectly healthy teeth aren’t much good. Dental cleanings every six month in addition to your own brushing and flossing at home serve to help keep you from contracting gingivitis, the first stage of gum disease, or periodontitis, the more advanced stage. If you get to that point, more extreme measures are often necessary to address the problem. So let our Brentwood dental exams give you the edge in maintaining healthy gums.

When it comes to oral cancer, a healthy mouth is best served by healthy habits. We recommend that you avoid using tobacco in any form, even smokeless. Heavy alcohol is also associated with a greater risk of oral cancer. Be sure to use sunscreen on your lips, something that many people forget to do. But as a part of our Brentwood dental exams, an oral cancer screening will find signs early, which increases the likelihood of good results.

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