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Treating cavities in Brentwood

Brentwood dental fillings
Brentwood dental fillings

From an early age, we are taught to take good care of our teeth, gums, and mouth. Often this can feel like a chore, but when your diligence is rewarded with a beautiful, healthy smile, it’s easy to see why proper dental care is so important. When you don’t take proper care of your teeth, gums, and mouth, diseases and infections can cause pain and even decay of the teeth. However, at the office of Robert C. Doht DDS PC, we specialize in various tooth decay treatments that can help alleviate the pain, and restore the affected tooth or teeth back to normal, including Brentwood dental fillings.

Our team knows that decayed teeth can be incredibly uncomfortable and painful, and can actually cause long-term damage. If you’re struggling with cavities, decay, enamel damage, or even a tooth that’s missing altogether, our dental office can help revitalize your smile with restorative care. Brentwood dental fillings, for example, are not only strong and durable, but restore the look of natural teeth and are a very aesthetically pleasing option for cavity treatment. Traditional dental restoratives include amalgam and composite. Newer dental fillings include ceramic and plastic compounds that mimic the appearance of natural teeth. Depending on the extent of decay and the tooth’s location, our dentist may recommend a specific type of filling material. Used by dentists for more than a century, dental amalgam is the most thoroughly researched and tested restorative material among all those in use. Although dental amalgam continues to be a safe, commonly used restorative material, some concern has been raised because of its mercury content. If this is a concern of yours, or if you’d like more aesthetically pleasing fillings, then tooth-colored composite fillings may be a better option. Less tooth structure is removed when the dentist prepares the tooth, and this may result in a smaller filling than that of an amalgam. Composites can also be “bonded” or adhesively held in a cavity, often allowing the dentist to make a more conservative repair to the tooth.

If you experience any pain, discomfort, or sensitivity, it is important to contact our office and make an appointment with our dentist so we can determine if these symptoms are due to tooth decay. If this is the case, you’ll be happy to know that we will be sure to offer you the best tooth decay treatment. No matter the extent of damage to your teeth due to decay, you’ll be sure to leave our office smiling. Let your search for cavity treatment and Brentwood dental fillings end at the office of Robert C. Doht DDS PC. Let your tooth restorations be something worth smiling about.

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