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Brentwood Dentist
Brentwood Dentist

It is very important that a person has good dental health. Your dental health will not only affect your teeth, but it can also affect the health of your entire body. When a patient has gum disease, infection from gum disease can spread through the bloodstream and cause other medical problems including heart problems and even create high blood pressure. If you would like to come to see our Brentwood dentist to make sure that your gums and teeth are healthy, we hope you will contact us to visit us soon.

At our dental practice, Robert C. Doht DDS PC, our expert and highly trained dentist is Dr. Robert C. Doht. He has been providing exemplary dental care at our Brentwood location for over 17 years. Our Brentwood dentist knows the importance of excellent dental health. It is impossible to have a beautiful smile if your teeth and gums are not healthy. The best way to keep in great oral health is to make sure that you have complete dental exams and teeth cleanings on a periodic basis.

During a dental exam, the overall health of your mouth will be assessed. Your teeth will be examined for any signs of dental cavities. X-rays will show any problems developing between the teeth or underneath the gum line. Your bite will be checked to make sure it is not causing any alignment problems with your teeth or jaw. Your mouth will be thoroughly checked for any signs of oral cancer. And finally, your gums will be assessed to make sure you are not developing gum disease. If it is determined that you have gingivitis, a precursor to gum disease, our dentist will most likely recommend that you have several regular dental cleanings over the coming months to get your gums back to good health. If you have deep pockets that have formed between your teeth and gums, you may need to have a scaling and root planing periodontal procedure performed at our office. This procedure is like a deep cleaning for the gums which should help your gums return to excellent health. If you would like an appointment to meet with our Brentwood dentist, or to come to our office for a teeth cleaning, contact us today.

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