Emergency Dental Care in Brentwood

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Dental trauma in Brentwood

Emergency dental care in Brentwood
Emergency dental care in Brentwood

Dental trauma is an urgent matter, and every second counts. At the practice of Robert C. Doht DDS PC, if you have suffered a tooth being dislodged from its socket or completely knocked loose (avulsed), you need to avail yourself of our emergency dental care in Brentwood.

An injury or accident of some kind is the reason why your tooth has been set free from its normal, stabile position. And if the only harm you’ve sustained is dental in nature, you should not hesitate to come see us right away. If possible, do call us or have someone else do it. That way we can be prepared for your arrival. Only if you have non-dental injuries that are of higher priority should you call 911 or visit a hospital ER. That’s because emergency rooms are rarely equipped with dental instruments. Even worse, few hospitals even have a dentist on staff. In the time between when your tooth has been harmed and when you arrive for our emergency dental care in Brentwood, take some simple measures to improve the odds of saving the tooth. If the tooth is only dislodged, and still physically attached to the socket, guide it back in gently if you can. And if the tooth is avulsed, it is critical that you keep it moist, so either place it in a container of milk or in warm water with a pinch of salt. That will keep it preserved. Our dentist will assess the tooth and make a determination about how to proceed. Options include using a splint or orthodontic wire to hold it in place as it heals, root canal therapy, and extraction.

Contact us when you require our emergency dental care in Brentwood. Better still, keep our information programmed in all your phones so that you have easy access to it.

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